Sewing School

Hi, I'm Helen.

I am a qualified teacher with a great deal of experience, and I run the sewing school.

The sewing school can include any kind of sewing.

If you would like a class making a child's dress, a lady's coat or any specific item, please feel free to contact us and talk about it. As long as we can fill the class with at least three students, we can arrange a class. One-to-one sessions can also be arranged.

If you like the look of a class but you can't make a particular time, contact us and ask; we might be able to move to a different time, or even start a whole new class at your preferred time!

Don't forget the Sewing Skills sessions, which can cover any sewing skills to suit you.

The soft furnishings classes can cover curtains, Roman blinds and cushions. If you would like a class to cover any of these, or you'd like to make something else, please contact us. If we can enrol three students, we can start a class.

We can adapt all classes to suit all levels of expertise!

If you are a beginner and a bit worried about whether you can manage, please call or email. We are always happy to help.

Learn to make a dress, 

or some curtains                                                    or a Roman blind, or....

      Contact us to request a class. Contact us to request a time.


Drawing and Painting School

Hi, I'm Juliet.

I'm a professional artist and illustrator, and an experienced art teacher.

I run drawing and painting classes, which involve instruction in use of materials, composition, perspective, drawing etc.

If you would like a set of classes to learn a particular skill, or at a time to suit your lifestyle, please contact the centre (below) to discuss your requirements. 


Drawing and Painting classes.

These classes will normally begin with a drawing exercise, to improve or re-visit specific drawing skills.

Students will then be free to continue with drawing or move on to painting, with expert help and advice wherever it is needed.


Hi, I'm Gemma.

Please join us for our fun and friendly crochet group on Wednesday mornings.

All abilities welcome, from absolute beginners to enthusiastic crocheters!

ADDRESS: Causeway Arts & Crafts, The Old Post Office, The Causeway, Mark, Somerset, TA9 4PT


PHONE: 01278 641076

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