ADDRESS: Causeway Arts & Crafts, The Old Post Office, The Causeway, Mark, Somerset, TA9 4PT


PHONE: 01278 641076



General Sewing  

£20 per. 2-hour lesson (up to 3 students)

or £25 per. 2-hour lesson for one-to-one

Refreshments included 

These are student-led sessions in which you ask Helen

to teach whichever sewing skills you need.


Pins & needles, scissors, tape measure, items to repair/alter, sewing machine if possible.



          £20 per.2-hour lesson (up to 3 students)

or £25 per. 2-hour lesson for one-to-one.       


                                                                         Suggested projects:

Make an A-line skirt.                                    

From cloth to garment.                                                                  Make an 8-gore skirt, or a summer top.                          Learn all the necessary skills,                                                           Practice your skills.                                                          

from choosing and laying-out a pattern                                        Requirements: Cloth, pins & needles, scissors, tape measure, sewing machine.

to turning a hem.                                                            

Getting to know your machine:

help where appropriate.


Cloth, pins & needles, scissors, tape measure, sew














Increase and improve your skills.                                               .

Make a summer dress, a jacket or coat, a pair of trousers......................your projects can become more ambitious as your skills progress!                                                                            


Soft Furnishing

                       £20 per. 2-hour session (up to 3 students)

             or £25 per. 2-hour session for one-to-one classes.                                                                       REFRESHMENTS INCLUDED


Suggested projects:                          

Make a piped and zipped square cushion cover                         Make a pair of lined curtains.






Make a Roman blind






For all sewing classes, students need to bring a basic sewing kit (Scissors, needles & pins, tape measure etc.) and where appropriate their own sewing machine. If you are unable to bring your own machine, there are several at the centre that you can use.

If you wish to purchase items such as cloth, notions etc. from your tutor, please discuss this in advance if possible.


Drawing & Painting Lessons 



Good drawing informs good painting.

This class is for all abilities who want to learn or re-visit

learning how to draw, and with support and encouragement to learn

and improve your painting techniques.

With a series of formal exercises we will enter the world

of seeing through the Artist's eye.

There will be plenty of time to work on your own paintings.
This class  offers great results - and is huge fun!

This class is for mixed abilities.

Painting can be using acrylic, watercolour or pastels.







Wire Sculpture Classes and Workshops
We will make animals and figures from wire.
All welcome, whether beginners or more experienced.
All tools and materials are supplied if required.


































Needle Felting Workshops



                                           REFRESHMENTS FREE                   


Needle Felting is a process that fuses natural wool fibres together

with a barbed needle

to form a more dense material, i.e. felt.

It is a very therapeutic, satisfying and relatively easy craft, once

you've learnt the skills.

The range of items you can make are limitless.

Just use your imagination and get creating!

We will be making small felt animals.

All tools and materials will be provided for you to borrow or buy.



Wet felting is a way of making art with felt.

It starts with making a background from fibres,

adding water and soap and then, when dry,

adding detail. 

It is rather addictive; you have been warned!





















Fused-Glass Jewellery Making Workshops                               WE ARE UNFORTUNATELY UNABLE TO OFFER THESE CLASSES THIS TERM  

Make fused glass jewellery with the stunning colours of dichroic glass.


This 1.5 hour workshop offers flexibility in cost and time scale to make unique pendants and/or brooches. Sarah provides pre-cut shapes of glass and you have a fun & relaxing time picking through the trays of colours to choose your unique combination of colour and design. The dichroic glass has metal layers that provide beautiful colours often displaying more than one colour in a single piece.


The basic workshop cost is £20 and includes one pendant or brooch. Additional items cost £8 each payable on the day. Within the hour and a half you can make as many items as you wish. Some people will create items quickly, others will take their time – it's up to you. Make something for yourself and/or lovely, personal presents for family & friends). If you choose to make earrings there is an extra charge; please state your preference when booking.


At the end of the workshop Sarah will take your items away to fire the glass in her kiln. Your items will then be returned to Causeway Arts & Crafts within 2 weeks for your to collect. The photo shows typical items that might be produced in a workshop.


















Crochet Tuesday mornings 10.30 - 12.30

 2-hour sessions                   FREE REFRESHMENTS

A fun and creative course to get you started on your crochet adventure. We will cover the basic stitches and some simple joining techniques which will enable you to create your first blanket, cushion, hot water bottle cover or bunting. The possibilities are endless as you can make so much with these basic principles. Some students have gone on to make jackets, mug warmers and soft toys too. You will be able to borrow a hook and use yarn during your sessions, kits will be available to buy on the course. There is a warning with this course: you may be about to start an addictive hobby! This course consists of four 2-hour sessions.

More experienced crafters might like to learn more advanced techniques and make other items such as crochet flowers. This can also be accomodated at these sessions.


Two-day workshop   

NOT AVAILABLE THIS TERM                                 £100


Both Saturday and Sunday run from 10am to 4pm, with a break for lunch.

Stephen will lend you all the tools you need over the two days.

As letter-carving involves the use of very sharp tools - part of the course will cover sharpening - please do not sign up for this course if you are unable to handle sharp tools safely. Neither Stephen nor Causeway Arts & Crafts can be held responsible for any incidents that may occur during this course.

The cost of the course is £100 for the two days and includes tea, coffee and cake. Please bring your own sandwich etc. for lunch.

You will learn to carve a significant date in Roman numerals in Lime wood, and begin an A4-sized sign.

Timber for you to learn with and for your Roman numeral plaque is included in the price. There will be a charge of between £10 and £20 for the A4 sized piece of timber, depending on the species, for your second project; this is payable on the day.

Places are limited, so please book as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please call Helen on 01278 641076 or email

We are always happy to help!












Silk-screen Printing Workshops


3-hour workshops                              £30


Saturday workshops with Zara.

Come along and learn to make a silk-screen print.

Zara will unfortunately not be able to run a printing workshop for us this term.

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